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Water – Colour was a textile installation that aimed to raise awareness of water consumption in the production and use of textiles. A sensory environment was designed around the dye process, aiming to reconnect visitors physically to water through the direct experience of handling water in a dye vat.

The installation took place in an old laundry building, now an atrium space for residents and traders. 100 meters of cloth were dyed in situ and suspended on washing lines hung throughout the five story building. Once the dye vats were exhausted, the final stage of the installation saw the dye station replaced with a sewing workspace and the making of the dyed cloth into 25 quilts. The installation ran from 14.09.13 - 13.11.13

A series of events highlighted the research for the project.
Talk: Seed to Fashion with Zoe Burt
Workshop: Cyanotype with textile fibre seeds with Zoe Burt
Talk: Clothes washing: Purity or Pollution with Emma Rigby
Talk: Blue, a global perspective with Bettina McIlwraith
Workshop: Indigo dyeing with Katherine May
Workshop: Boro mending with Katherine May
Worksop: Shashiko quilting with Emma Neuberg